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Realtek ALC260 (sound chip)
Release: 1.4 from 2005-08-15
File: alc260(d)_datasheet_1.4.pdf
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Designed only for Realtek ALC260 ALC260D
The ALC260 and ALC260D 2-Channel High Definition Audio (HDA) Codecs with UAA (Universal Audio Architecture), featuring a 24-bit two-channel DAC and two stereo 20-bit ADCs, are designed for commercial Desktop and Notebook PC systems. The codecs incorporate proprietary converter technology to achieve 95dB sound quality; easily meeting PC2001 requirements and also bringing PC sound quality closer to consumer electronic devices.

The ALC260(D) provides 2 output channels, along with flexible mixing, mute, and fine gain control functions to provide a complete integrated audio solution for PCs. The DAC (with a highest sampling frequency of 192kHz) was previously only implemented in high-end consumer electronics, but is now achieved by PCs equipped with the ALC260(D). The ALC260(D) provides high-quality audio using S/PDIF to output analog data, or for multiple-source recording applications.

Realtek’s proprietary impedance sensing and jack detect techniques allow device loads on inputs and outputs to be auto-detected. All analog IO are input and output capable, headphone amplifiers are also integrated at each analog output. All analog IOs can be re-tasked according to user’s definitions, or automatically switched depending on the connected device type (Universal Audio Jack®).

The ALC260(D) supports 32-bit S/PDIF input and output functions and a sampling rate of up to 96kHz, offering easy connection of PCs to high-quality consumer electronic products such as AC-3 decoders/speakers, and mini disk devices.

The ALC260(D) supports host/soft audio from the Intel ICH6 chipset, and also from any other HDA compatible audio controller. With power management setting, Realtek’s unique microphone application (AEC/Beam Forming/Noise Suppression), optional Dolby® Digital Live, and reliable driver support, the ALC260(D) is the ideal choice for Commercial Desktop and Notebook PC users.

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