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Realtek RTL8019 (network chip)
Release: 1.0 from 2005-08-26
File: rtl8019as_datasheet_1.0.pdf
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Designed only for Realtek RTL8019AS RTL8019AS-LF
The RTL8019AS is a highly integrated Ethernet Controller which offers a simple solution to implement a Plug and Play NE2000 compatible adapter with full-duplex and power down features. With the three level power down control features, the RTL8019AS is made to be an ideal choice of network device for a GREEN PC system. The full-duplex function enables simultaneously transmission and reception on the twisted-pair link to a full-duplex Ethernet switching hub. This feature not only increases the channel bandwidth from 10 to 20Mbps but also avoids the performance degradation problem due to the channel contention characteristics of the Ethernet CSMA/CD protocol. The Microsoft's Plug and Play function can relieve the users from the pain of taking care of the adapter's resource configurations, e.g., IRQ, I/O, and memory address, etc. However, for special applications where the RTL8019AS will not be used as a Plug and Play compatible device, the RTL8019AS also supports jumper and proprietary jumperless options.

To offer a fully plug and play solution, the RTL8019AS provides auto-detect capability between
the integrated 10BaseT transceiver, BNC and AUI interface. Besides, the 10BaseT transceiver can automatically correct the polarity error on its receiving pair. Furthermore, 8 IRQ lines and 16 I/O base address options are provided for grand resource configuration flexibility.

The RTL8019AS supports 16k, 32k & 64k byte BROM and fiash memory interface. It also offers the page mode function which can support up to 4M-byte BROM within only 16k-byte system memory space. Besides, the BROM disable command is provided to release the BROM memory space for other system usage (e.g. EMM386, etc.) after the BROM program is loaded.

The RTL8019AS is built in with 16K-byte SRAM in a single chip. It is designed not only to provide more friendly functions but also to save the effort of SRAM sourcing and inventory.

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